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Who Are We?

Rapid Education is a modern, efficient way to get your IT Certifications without having to go through the trouble of a 4 Year college degree.

Our Products

What Products Do We Offer?

Rapid Education provides a wide variety of products such as: Rapid Simulations, Rapid Flashcards, Rapid Test Prep and soon, more! You can purchase them by navigating to the Services Section in the Rapid Portal.

What Is Rapid Simulations?

Rapid Simulations is a modern Lab Environment Simulator for Technology Enhanced Scenarios.

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  • What Is Rapid Flashcards?

    Rapid Flashcards is a unique Innovative Tool to help Understand and Remember terminology faster, and make it more fun!

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  • What Is Rapid Test Prep?

    Rapid Test Prep is an awesome tool for preparing for your Certification Exam and for testing your knowledge from the Course!

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  • Courses

    How Long Do I have Access To Courses?

    Courses purchased at Rapid Education are accessable for Life, and are updated Every Week! No worries about renewing your courses as they stay up-to-date, automatically, for life!

    Who Makes The Courses For Seminars And What Are The Ratings?

    Rapid Education is owned by a governing company named Intellectual Point. Intellectual Point has been delivering online and in-person training for 15 Years. Courses are made by Professional Instructors at Intellectual Point.

    Education Plan

    What Tools Does The Rapid Education Plan Offer?

    At Rapid Education we believe in Constant Innovation. We are always developing and updating new tools (some free ones aswell) for students and educators to be able to enhance their learning Inside and Outside the classroom!

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