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We're empowering people of all ages to get their Certifications!

Our mission here at Rapid Education is to empower individuals of all ages to pursue Information Technology and get an edge-up on the competition by getting your Certifications.

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Meet Our Team

Rapid Education wouldn't be where it is now without these lovely individuals!


Prem Jadhwani


Ishan Jadhwani

Chief Executive Officer
We Build Tools For YOU

We're Here To Make It Easier!

With Rapid's Modern, Intuitive, and Highly Interactive structure and design, getting your Certifications has never been easier! We've designed our study tools with various Customizable options and features to help you retain the information. Time to up your game and become a part of Rapid!

Our History

How We Became Rapid Education

Our passion and love for Information Technology here at Rapid drives us everyday to build something better and be something better. Our mission is to transform the education system and make getting your Certifications Easier, Faster, and Cheaper than ever before!


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